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Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars

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About the webinar

A discussion between Kurt Hayes, the Chief Learning Experience Officer at Dignity Health Global Education and Deb Bolton, the Chief Marketing Officer at Yellowdig. They touched on multiple points the healthcare learning space during the pandemic and the future of corporate education.

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A special webinar with Yellowdig's CEO and Director of Technology

Yellowdig Founder and CEO, Shaunak Roy and Director of Technology, Brian Hurlow, walked through the history of Yellowdig and the role of gameful learning throughout their journey in tailoring and developing the product. This webinar summarizes more than 6 years' worth of hard work and dedication to improve higher education in the United States and beyond. ​

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Guest Webinar with Salem State University:

Inclusive Community

Professor of History, Gayle Fischer, Ph.D. shares her experience building community in her various history classes. She shares stories of successes and challenges of teaching a virtual class as a deaf-spectrum professor. Gayle shares the wins she has had while using Yellowdig in her classes as an ADA accommodation.  This is a great webinar to watch for anyone looking to build community in a classroom. 


A Student Perspective:

Yellowdig Student Panel

This panel discussion with Yellowdig student users features students from The University of Vermont, Arizona State University, Drexel University, and The University of Rochester. Hear about their experience as students using Yellowdig and what they liked and disliked about the platform.

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Guest Webinar with University of Michigan:

Gameful Learning

University of Michigan's Dr. Mika LaVaque-Mant, Director of the LSA Honors Program & Dr. Benjamin Plummer, Learning Experience Designer at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business discuss self-determination and gamification, with a focus on their role in motivating students. They discuss how allowing for learner agency and applying motivation theory in higher education can drive more willing participation.

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Guest Webinar with University of Vermont:

Using Yellowdig as a Help Forum

Dr. Vicki Hart, Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont discusses how she uses Yellowdig as a help forum for her STEM students to assist each other. We dive into the student engagement data to show how Dr. Hart's approach has been successful in encouraging her students to collaborate.

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Guest Webinar with DePaul University, Future Forward:


 Margaret McGee-Newton (Career Education Director) and Hilarie Longnecker (Associate Director of Career Curriculum & Early Engagement)  their year-long program for first-year students to explore career paths called Future Forward. In this webinar, they share real examples from their Yellowdig Community to show how Yellowdig promoted community, encouraged advice giving and cheerleading between students, and led to organic conversations.

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Capella University  & Yellowdig at ACBSP:

Improving Student Success and Retention with Yellowdig

A joint presentation with  Capella University on using Yellowdig to retain students. Led by Yellowdig's Head of Client Success , Jenny Taber (Project Manager of Academic Initiatives at Capella University), and Genevieve Feliu (VP of Academic Initiatives at Capella University).

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