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September 2019 EdTech Recap

Each month the Yellowdig Team puts together the latest news from the EdTech industry.

  • As enrollment of non-traditional students continue to grow, institutions are increasingly focusing on on-boarding, skills based training, certification/microcredentials for these learners.

  • Enrollment in college by those older than 25 has been steadily increasing in recent decades, but only 35 percent of institutions offered orientation for "nontraditional" students according to a new study. Link

  • *Why Western Governors U thinks microcredentials are the path to degrees. Link

  • Amazon Web Services, Facebook and Google are among the companies helping institutions craft curriculum to teach on-demand skills. Link

  • Physical campus costs are putting financial pressure on smaller colleges as enrollment drops in many States.

  • Experts predict more than 25% of colleges may fail in the next 20 years. Link

  • For-Profit College Phasing Out Enrollment at Physical Campuses. Link

  • Can colleges be free? A few large scale experiments might give us some insights.

  • California's new free online college aims to help adult learners gain specific skills, but with a month until it opens how it will do so remains unclear. Link.

  • Free College for All in New Mexico. Link

  • Quality of teaching is (finally) under the radar with the growth of online learning. Technology driven and student centric innovations are on the rise as a result.

  • Conversations are starting to happen around the quality of online courses, which take more investment. Link.

  • Nudges tied to a boost in STEM students' persistence at 2-year colleges, study finds. Link

  • Neuroscience and education come together in the classroom to stop Australia's science decline. Link

  • The OPM model which has been under the spotlight lately is starting to evolve.

  • * OPM, meet OPX. New models & the $3.5B global online higher education services market. Link.

  • * 2U wants online program managers (OPMs) to be more transparent about the nature of their relationships with colleges and universities, and it's leading the charge. Link

  • * California taking a break in pushing more regulation on online education primarily targeting for-profits and OPMs. Link

Disclaimer: This recap is based on what the Yellowdig team came across in the edtech news media in this month. We do not endorse any 3rd party sources or claim this list is comprehensive.

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