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October 2019 EdTech Recap

Each month the Yellowdig Team puts together the latest news from the EdTech industry.

  • HigherEd Institutions continue to develop purpose driven support systems for non-traditional learners to win over this fast growing segment

* Universities look to add more support for first-generation graduate students Link

  • * Marketing firm describes four personas of adult learners, arguing for more nuance in serving one of higher education's most sought-after populations Link

* In the debut of a new blog, Peter Smith explores the Americans who have largely been left out of postsecondary education's remarkable past, and how that can change going forward Link

* Uber adds food-delivery drivers to free degree program. The benefits reflect growing interest among employers in subsidizing postsecondary credentials as a way to recruit and retain workers. Link

  • Institutional investments in edtech tools continue to grow as professors embrace online & hybrid teaching. Some institutions are starting to allocate significant budgets towards technology driven learning design

  • * The University of Michigan will create a new center to develop tools that can improve learning both online and in the classroom. Link

* The act of talking with others—having social debates and conversations—is key to human learning, and this “social learning” has now become an important tenet of teaching and learning. Link

* Classes designed to teach online learners how to succeed are among the ways colleges are working to improve their higher ed experience Link

* Professors' Slow, Steady Acceptance of Online Learning: A Survey Link

  • Trump administration calls its final rules on accreditation and state approval of online providers a rightsizing of bureaucracy that protects students. Consumer advocates and Democrats see an unraveling of federal oversight. Link

Disclaimer: This recap is based on what the Yellowdig team came across in the edtech news media in this month. We do not endorse any 3rd party sources or claim this list is comprehensive.

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