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Yellowdig for Business

Yellowdig offers optimum networking opportunities amongst students, which makes it perfect for collaborative case study projects and simulations.

Yellowdig for synchronous classes

There is no doubt that using Zoom or any other similar video conferencing software is a popular approach for synchronous classes worldwide. While video conferencing tools allow students to talk and interact on a single screen when they can't meet in-person, they still do not solve the core issue that their in-person counterparts remain to have: a learning community that keeps thriving beyond the pre-determined class hours. Yellowdig is not an alternative to video conferencing tools. Rather, it's a community-building platform that keeps pushing the boundaries of learning when students are not in class, by opening the floor for fruitful discussions and thought-provoking comments that positively impact the experience of all learners. 

Yellowdig for asynchronous classes

The case for Yellowdig is even stronger for asynchronous classes, since students do not get to see each other nor the instructor in action, which leaves a lot to be desired. Yellowdig is ideal for filling all the gaps of asynchronous classes, as the innovative on-platform features can help reduce miscommunication by allowing students to get their message across in a clear and understandable fashion, even if what they are exchanging is as complex as a physics formula or a javascript code. Time zone differences is another thing that can be overcome by using Yellowdig, as the platform is fully online and doesn't need human presence to function. Students can share a a post and get rewarded on the spot by the platform based on the pre-set parameters selected by the teacher when setting up the community. This makes deadlines and other time zone-related issues as minimal as they can possibly be.